(This post is written by the venerable Mrs. Survive The Valley. In this post she shares her expertise on how to make your money go further when it comes to baby supplies!) After 3+ years of raising our first daughter, and now with our second’s arrival (just a week ago!), we often get asked by […]

original photo by Jason Alley.

My parents will be turning 60 this year, and to celebrate, my brother and I are taking them on an all expenses-paid birthday bash to Maui (along with my wife and daughter). In January I started searching for flights and was shocked at the prices; from the Bay Area roundtrip tickets were hovering around $650pp, […]

Liebster Award

Thanks to Mr. Roboto over at Impersonal Finance for nominating this blog for a Liebster Award (in full disclosure, CaveGirl MBA nominated this blog back in Sept. 2013 but I didn’t get a chance to respond… my apologies! So thank you to CaveGirl MBA as well. I’ll be killing 2 birds with 1 stone answering both of your questions.). […]

4 financial tools to stay on top of your finances

Today I read a post by Financial Samurai on the Personal Capital blog about how much you should have saved up for retirement depending on your age. But it was point #5 “Stay on top of your finances” that resonated the most for me. So this post is about 4 financial tools I’ve found helpful in keeping on […]

rear facing car seat

One of the seemingly inviolable rules for parents today is that children should sit in a rear facing car seat until they’re at least 35 lbs and 37.5″ tall. Studies have shown a significant decrease in injuries and death if a child is in a rear facing car seat if an accident occurs. For the […]

Downton Abbey Quiz

  Just having some fun since I’m seeing these everywhere on Facebook =)

investment return

As of February 10, 2014 my total investment return – on a portfolio that I started back in December 1999 a year out of high school with my first purchase of TSM (Taiwan Semiconductor) – stands at +30%. If I say so myself… not too shabby, right? Despite the tech bubble of 2000 and then […]


Here’s another quick tip on how to maximize your cash back for online purchases (and sometimes offline as well) you’re already making. Before you hit that “Place Order” button at a retailer’s site, take 10 seconds and make your way over to and check to see if the retailer is offering any kind of […]

joint accounts

After getting married to my wonderful wife back in the summer of 2010 we faced a problem as we began to combine our various joint accounts. It was a pain in the ass that I had to ask my wife, or she would need to ask me, to forward an email from a airline/hotel reservation, […]

cash back

In 2013 we got a nice fat check for $954 (ok, more like in points, credits, and reward cards, but thank goodness because I hate checks). We achieved this with little to no effort on our part. How? By avoiding cash like the plague for all of our purchases and capitalizing on generous bonus offers. […]


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